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Squier telecaster dating

As mentioned, you can choose between the vintage-voiced Alnico III pickups of the Vintage Blonde Classic Vibe, or the new Butterscotch Blonde's ballsier Alnico Vs.

The left hand image below shows how these initial Fender reissue headstocks looked.

Very similar to an American vintage reissue but with ‘Made in Japan’ beneath the Fender logo, next to a slightly chunkier version of the ‘With Synchronized Tremolo’ lettering.

The combination of the lively pine body and hotter pickups means this guitar cuts through a mix just as a great Telecaster should.

That's not all: this latest edition also boasts a pair of Alnico V-based singlecoil pickups.

The new line of instruments, produced by Fuji Gen Gakki, featured serial numbers beginning with the letters JV, and they’re accordingly known as the JV series.

From the start, there were multiple variants of the JV vintage reissues, serving different price points.

It has timeless looks and modern playability and tone, and if you shop around enough you'll find one for less than £300.