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Will put more pink noise through tomorrow and contact the distributor to see what's normal/expected....

As I said, it was quite surprising to me how responsive the lower octave was on both sets.

Rather than start my own thread, thought I'd wake this one up; anyone have any more experience with the new Focals?

It does have that aluminium cast flavour case sound but not to the extend that genelec does.

The woofer is excellent and reproduces everything with detail, the image is really wide and the sweetspot is enough to move around your head while you work.

(will be trying them in New Year...hoping for slutty chat first) heh I spent a lot of time at the Focal booth at AES trying their monitors with various CDs I'm familiar with.

The CMS series sounds really great, I think even Focal was surprised by how great they sound.

I've used them briefly and they are stellar monitors to my ear.

They have a really revealing mid range, and a wonderful bottom octave response that was certainly surprising to me.

I've got a pair of Solo's at my project studio, and I can tell you I would NEVER need a Sub, even in my large, untreated space. From where I'm sitting, the CMS series is a "chop-of-the-ol-block".

I think they are both stellar in the low mid and bottom, but the 65's were the ones I was directly referring to, as they do extend a bit further down, but I would not pass judgment about the low end on the 50's, until you get them into your room to try with your equipment and music.

I compared them side by side A/B test and was so cool!