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A growing number of young people suffer from what some call “Peter Pan Syndrome,” the desire to remain young and avoid responsibility.

An exaggerated fear of the future may also stem from a lack of historical perspective, or paying too much attention to prophets of doom.

Pope Francis recently said, “There are those who say it is a mistake to bring these children into the world, due to their fragility, and the hunger and poverty they suffer.

With greater effect, this newest attack on marriage is fashioned by those who attempt to redefine marriage to include same-sex relationships based on gender theory.

Threat #1: Wounded Nature The Book of Genesis reveals that problems between men and women stem from the fact that our human nature is wounded by original sin.

Even in the Church, there are those who, in the name of false mercy, would condone the violation of God’s plan for marriage by condoning contraception or allowing communion for those divorced and remarried without an annulment, or those who remain silent about same-sex “marriage.” Faithfully imparting the faith to the young, regular family prayer and a simple lifestyle can help us set and keep the right priorities.

Threat #3: Despair for the Future Many people fear having children because their future seems so uncertain.

People need to be warned that God is always willing to forgive, but nature never forgives.

This threat could be remedied when people, regardless of age, are challenged to embrace responsibility and taught the benefits of marital commitment and stability.

Threat #4 – Radical Feminism For decades, authentic femininity has been under attack from radical feminism.

The hard-fought movement for the authentic rights of women, thanks to America’s suffragettes like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B.

When difficulties come, as they inevitably do, couples are often too quick to separate.