Start Wes and kellyanne dating

Wes and kellyanne dating

In this intimate video, she admits that they broke up because she didn't care about him as much as he cared for her. ) DANNY and MELINDA Caught Kissing: Danny and Melinda’s relationship developed slowly on "Real World: Austin" -- primarily because she started the season with a boyfriend.

Although Wes desperately tried to ruin the competition, the Champions team still prevailed and resigned to his fate, Wes voluntarily goes into the Ruins (elimination challenge). It looks like Darrell gets into a fight later on in the season, and if that is true you can count him out of the running.

It actually looked easier than it was and all four of the players grew frustrated at the task but the Champions won both matches, barely. Not a good start for a team that has little chance to win anything against these monsters. Evan is a smart dude and you can count on him being there in the end. Kenny is a mimbo (male bimbo) but always seems to find himself in the money. Evelyn is fierce and is the best female competitor. Derrick is a staple at the end because he works the hardest.5. Wes would be higher on the list but everyone hates him. Syrus is a player/coach and I didn’t even know he was on the show … Brad barely did anything this week and will be eliminated sooner rather than later. Sarah is a wild card because I do not know much about her.17. Shauvon had sex with CT on the roof last season and I will always love her for that. - Chet returned home to his job at American Apparel.

Susie has been the same for all these years, mentally tough. Cohutta has a small chance to advance past four weeks.18. - My friends were very disappointed after hearing Shauvon’s were fake.

Right away we are informed about a reality TV producer’s dream, a love pentagon between Wes, Kenny, Johanna, Cohutta, and Kelly Anne.