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This is more than the paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass combined.

Chase Slate allows you to transfer your balances from other credit cards without paying a cent, and gives you the time you need to start paying down the balance.

The 15-month 0% APR period will take you into 2017 (not just 2016!

The Citi Diamond Preferred Card Offering an 21-month 0% APR period on balance transfers and purchases, this card is a winner.

And after the over 1.5 year zero interest period is up, you’ll enjoy a low ongoing APR. Even if you don’t have any balances to transfer, this card is still a great way to make purchases now (spring vacation anyone? Discover it Card – Balance Transfer When you combine a terrific 18-month 0% intro APR with cash back rewards, it’s hard to go wrong.

Although the 18-month 0% intro APR is just for balance transfers, you can also take advantage of a 6-month 0% intro APR on purchases and the low post-intro APR rate.

Plus you’ll earn 5% cash back on categories that rotate quarterly and 1% cash back on everything else. without worrying about extra fees, which is a nice touch if you’re traveling internationally in the future.

Credit card issuers are pursuing potential customers by offering extremely generous 0% APR intro deals for truly lengthy periods of time.

Take advantage of the available offers to save yourself a ton of cash, or to give yourself some breathing room and time to pay down your balances.

If you’re carrying balances on high-interest credit cards or you need to make a purchase that you won’t be able to pay off right away, there’s no need to waste money paying interest.

In fact, you can avoid any interest payments at all well into 2016.

Did we mention there’s no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees? This cards doesn’t quite have the incredible 18-month 0% APR the other cards do, but it’s still a strong contender: Chase Slate With a 15-month 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases AND the honor of being the only 0% intro card that doesn’t charge balance transfer fees, this is our top-ranked balance transfer card.