Start Separation agreement and dating

Separation agreement and dating

The provisions for the support, maintenance and alimony of Mary are independent of any division or agreement for division of property between the parties, and shall not for any purpose be deemed to be a part of or merged in or integrated with the property settlement of the parties.16.

A 1991 Ford Taurus automobile and a 1974 Ford Mustang which are titled to John’s name and driven by John. Mary conveys all of her right, title and interest in and to the aforementioned automobiles to John so that the said automobiles shall be and become the sole and separate property of John.

Henceforth, John shall be solely responsible for all maintenance, repairs and insurance premiums for said automobile, and shall render Mary harmless from and against all obligations, claims and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to any of these obligations.10. The parties have divided between themselves, to their mutual satisfaction, all intangible personal property owned by them individually and jointly, including but not limited to checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA’s, interests in pension and profit sharing plans, promissory notes, franchises, partnerships and the like.

Mary agrees to promptly pay, when due, all debts incurred in her name alone and to indemnify and hold John harmless therefrom.14. The parties recognize that Mary may be eligible to continue coverage through COBRA under the group health insurance carried by John through his employer.

This agreement is a sample separation agreement intended only to provide you with an example of this type of document to illustrate the other materials on this site.

Dating and cohabitation (that is, sexual intercourse) are not the same.

Despite this dating may provide evidence that can be used for showing adultery.

Any person so married who has intercourse with someone other than his/her spouse has committed adultery.