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I play it in several videos on my channel, you can check that out to get an idea of the sound: Lauritzen Of course, YMMV depending on amp, pick and how you play. The neck is also thin and narrow, not at all like an ES-175 or wide-neck guitars like that. Obviously nothing near the quality of a real L-5, but it has that bright, clear but still woody kind of tone.

Wonder if there is a truck stop there by the La Quinta ? THEY SAID HE WAS LAST SPOTTED IN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE.

At any rate, this family needs closure so I hope you submitted this. THEY DO BELIEVE HE WAS KIDNAPPED, I HAVE ENCLOSED A COPY OF A STORY ABOUT JOSEPH. LOL Family members do not describe Joseph Paul D Aquisto Sr. That is why his daughter, Lissa, does not believe that her father left on his own, without telling anyone what he was doing or where he was going.

Investigators with the Buncombe County Sheriffs Office tell the Times-News that his disappearance remains an active but cold case, with no charges placed and an investigation continuing.

The other obvious alternative is that he was killed at the La Quinta and then his body dumped in Nashville area.

Postmortem Interval: 6 Months DNA Profile Status: N/A Circumstances of Death: Remains discovered in woodland area behind church.

Estimated that death had occurred between 2 months and one year.

Joseph is white and balding with black/gray hair and brown eyes. there is a lot of distance between that exit on i-81 and lebanon pike in nashville/ davidson county. If he was that far away from his truck, he was obviously abducted by someone.