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Verses dating unbelievers

Thoughts: If Lot had stayed away from the evil influence of Sodom many of his family members would not have died. Verses telling us that the believer should form close relationships with and fellowship with other believers so that they can be encouraged and grow in their faith.

The unbeliever only has the sin nature, not the new nature.

This will be two against one.) Finally, he contrasts the .

Jesus has opened the eyes of believers and shown them the light.

Unbelievers are in the dark, slaves of sin, and blind to the truth.

It is already hard for believers to resist temptation and stay pure. Amos 3:3 Thoughts: Shouldn’t your closest companion be agreed with you on the most important thing in life? Perhaps many or all our counselors misunderstand the Scripture or misinterpret it. We should still submit ourselves to it and pray that if they are wrong God will change their hearts.

If two are not agreed on the most important things, there will be lots of problems later on. Most likely they will be solved by the believer giving in, at least a lot of the time. Listening to counsel in the end is listening to God because God can move anybody and change their hearts.

That is why when the relationship ends it is called “breaking up”. The girlfriend would be very angry if her boyfriend had several girlfriends. Dating relationships will also bring an emotional bond. Also, many times this emotional bound will lead to physical bounding together in intimacy.