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He abhorred rote piety, and taught his followers that they must renew their quest for self-knowledge and truth on a daily basis.

[Afterwards,] THEY said to him..." (Genesis 18:8-9) There are, however, instances in which the angels act as individuals.

For example, only the angel Michael told Sarah that she was going to have a baby (Genesis ).

With stories and insights, Rabbi Twerski's new book Twerski on Machzor makes Rosh Hashanah prayers more meaningful.

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(Rashi - Genesis 19:1 and ) Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, Poland (1787-1859), the great chassidic leader known as the Kotzker Rebbe.

He was said to be completely uncompromising in the quest for faith, honesty and truth.

Even worse, is if you take out that kind of woman out with some of your close friends or coworkers, you might end up being embarrassed and looking for a way to finish that date as soon as possible.

There are so many incredibly intelligent women worldwide, that are feeling lonely and that are looking for someone special like you.

Wherever you let Him in." Some people ask, "Why do I have a low self-image?

" There are many possible answers that one can give, even though there is only one valid and real answer: "If you have a low self-image, it is because of the way you think about yourself.

Before finding fault with our leadership, we must do soul-searching to see if we are truly open to change.