Start The almost complete 78 rpm dating guide

The almost complete 78 rpm dating guide

The major discrepancies are for 1905, 1908 and especially 1909.

In addition to the dates, you also get a great deal of history of many of the labels.

Also, there is a detailed history of the recording of 78s that starts with the cylinder record. If you have a 78 collection and wonder about the dates of your favorite records, this is the best book to have.

These include popular, classical, country, folk and race music series; in fact the only series generally excluded generally are those for export, foreign‑language material and minor or limited‑run series.

Published and distributed by Yesterday Once Again, P. Although this new edition is better organized than its predecessors, it still suffers from “scattered‑information‑syndrome.” For example, in the case of Columbia a helpful two‑page history of the label is found on pp. 25‑31, descriptions of label types on p.150, an explanation of the “W” (electrical) symbol on p.166, and a listing of matrix series appearing on other labels on pp. Additionally, labels are not presented in alphabetical order but rather in one of eight sections organized by era, “major” vs. Perhaps the author would consider for a future edition rearranging his listings into one big alphabetical list, A‑Z, with all information on each label grouped together in one place.

I looked at January of each year for sample ten year spans of the principal popular series of Columbia and Victor.

The results for Columbia were as follows: A1445 Pretty good, in most instances.

Data from such sources will be incorporated into future works by others, and the danger of propagating misinformation is considerable.