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Dating customs in ukraine

Salads are very common, but rather than being lettuce-based, combinations of fresh, cooked, and preserved vegetables may be mixed with meat, cheese, or fish.

It is such a central part of the diet here that there is a custom to give honored guests and departing or arriving travelers the gift of a loaf of bread and salt.

Any kind can be accompanied by butter or sour cream.

can be translated into little pigeons, but really has nothing to do with fowl of any kind.

They are cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice or buckwheat and often covered with a thin tomato sauce.

There are many different kinds of pastries and cakes, usually less sweet than they are made outside of continental Europe.

However, it is taboo to shake hands with your gloves on.

Ukraine is one of the many countries where this handshake tradition is rigorously upheld In Ukraine it is not a custom to shake hands with a woman.

The availability of ingredients for traditional cooking are often dependent on the season, so most varieties of vegetables sometimes make their appearance in certain dishes in their pickled form.