Start Backup exec 11d updating catalog

Backup exec 11d updating catalog

You should therefore make a full system backup before attempting a registry modification.

You can usually clear a VSS writer error by rebooting the machine.

This causes Windows to launch the Service Control Manager, which can be used to view the properties for the various services.

Any Backup Exec Services should be configured to start under the Local System Account.

Not all occurrences of Symantec Backup Exec error 1053 are related to the . Error 1053 often points to a failure of the Backup Exec Management Services or a situation in which Backup Exec Services do not start.

You may for example, see an error message stating: "Backup Exec Management Services could not be started.

In some cases, it can be related to a problem with the Microsoft . The easiest way to correct this error is to remove and then reinstall the . In Windows Server 2008/2008 R2, you can use the Server Manager to remove and reinstall the . It is a good idea to initially check for updates to the . Applying an update often has the same effect as reinstalling the .

NET Framework, but without the potential for breaking other applications.

In many cases, the error is accompanied by a message indicating the tape drive needs to be cleaned.