Start Singles executives dating business dating

Singles executives dating business dating

In today’s world our professional lives are more time-consuming than most.

If you do cancel, you should always offer a follow up date to reschedule.

If you don’t, your CEO may think that seeing him is not a priority.

If you know in your heart that you have no romantic attraction for this man, tell him. Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions

Give him a compliment, thank him for his time, and tell him you are sorry you don’t see a future of exclusive dating for the two of you. Model Quality [email protected](866) 663-3574 Contact Us Today!

We spoke to Huffington Post columnist and entrepreneur Neely Steinberg to identify the key entrepreneurial characteristics business-owners should also apply to their personal lives to achieve dating success. Steinberg identified passive attitudes as a main reason for dating failure.

“Those attitudes won’t get them far if they are truly looking to create healthy, happy love”, she says.

If you are interested in exclusive, executive dating with a CEO, you have to be reliable.

If you have scheduled a date, you should not cancel unless it is an emergency.

If you don’t think he will be turned off by your lack of follow up, think again.

In the world of executive matchmaking, it is well known that a single executive will not tolerate a flake.

You must always return his calls within twenty four hours.