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Who is nigahiga dating

He writes in the tweet, “Just lost a 100,000,000 views on yt lol,” and then clarifies in another tweet directly afterward, “No its not a hack, apparently yt is deleting views from privated videos (i think)…

” at the end of December, a month before Lady Gaga’s channel was stripped of over 176 million views and 11 million views taken from PSY’s channel, You Tube wrote: We recently changed how we display total views on a channel.

In the past, we’d count all the views of all your videos, even for videos that you may have deleted or made private.

Mystery Guitar Man tweeted that he’s lost around 10 million views from his main channel: You Tube is at it again.

In a surprising tweet a couple of hours ago from the creator and star of You Tube’s No. 33 most-viewed channel Ryan Higa, he cavalierly revealed that You Tube has scrubbed over 100 million views from his popular Nigahiga channel.

The Veteran actor Richard Van Vleet helped Ryan and Sean to get into their first full length movie.

The movie was released in 2008 along the theaters in Hawaii and California.

Meanwhile, the relationship is over by now and the actual information about Ryan Higa girlfriend is not know at the moment.