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Who is justine ezarik dating

Still a Carnegie resident at the time, Ezarik planned to be vacationing in North Carolina when the i Phone 3G was released in July 2008 and hoped to find an AT&T wireless store to upgrade while on vacation.

She also uploaded it to some other video sharing sites.

Stories of unexpected billing issues began to circulate in blogs and the technical press after the Apple i Phone's heavily advertised and anticipated release, but this video clip brought the voluminous bills to the attention of the mass media.

Her new equipment by Nokia enabled her to lifecast and produce streaming video live without a computer connection.

She continued to make weekly appearances on her own i Justine website at

now why would toby out of the blue comment to people that they broke up if they never dated or he was infact just joking…

there is no logical reason to it, the only reason that makes sense is toby was drunk at the time…

They never confirmed in the first place if they were dating or not, in fact the only thing either has confirmed is that they are good friends. and if you had any decent size brain you would know that!

Don't start more drama please - I know it's your opinion, but we've all been a little too stressed about this lately and we don't need more added on to it. first of all toby tweeted that “i was just joking” he didn’t specify about what, he never said with his own words that “me and justine never broke up”…

By April 2008, Ezarik had largely reduced her lifecasting productions to a less frequent basis.

She had resumed pursuit of her web designer and video editor career and was living in Carnegie.

Ten days after its initial posting, the video had been viewed more than 2 million times on the Internet, and had received international news coverage.