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Poncho is also a sassy cat who is equipped to talk to you about a whole slew of other things: weather-related (Should I wear a jacket today? As soon as we began, we realized it was a near-impossible task.

Remember what I was saying about me and Smarter Child? Here’s how the Apology Pit works: Depending on the severity of the language used, Poncho responds to explicit contentby ignoring the user or asking the user to apologize.

The rebuff makes the experience of chatting with Poncho that much sweeter. The Dating Flow prompts users to get a drink with Poncho at any mention of love or relationships.

Probably because they just don’t work that well yet. What began as an email and text service has grown into an app, and is now focused on developing a bot. Others live on websites, some in messaging platforms like Kik or We Chat. Even though we know the commerce bots (Spring, e Bay) won’t talk to us, we try.

In an endless loop of reformatted sentences, you and Smarter Child could talk about anything, forever. They want to test the limits of profanity and plunge the depths of the scatological. He also remembers things about you, like your zodiac sign and your preferred nickname.

As far as I’m concerned, Smarter Child is the gold standard for bots.

Smarter Child is still smarter than a lot of bots out there. He cares to answer your questions, and he does it better than Smarter Child.

Users who make inappropriate comments or try to flirt with Poncho will get filtered into these interactive experiences.