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Veterans’ Pensions Specific pensions, such as Aid & Attendance, are intended to be used to provide care for ailing or disabled veterans.

In addition, many states regulate the staff-to-patient ratio and the minimum staff available at any time.

Once specific care requirements have been determined, the family will contact a center by phone for an initial conversation about matching needs with their services.

Adult day care is also covered under many Medicaid State Plans (regular Medicaid programs).

Adult day health care is included in VHA Medical Benefits Package, however one cannot simply enroll in a program, they first must be assessed and found to have a clinical for the level of care and supervision provided in adult day health care centers.

There is some confusion regarding this question partly because Medicare is often mixed up with Medicaid and partly because there are certain Medicare / Medicaid combination programs that cover adult day care.

To be clear, a person will only Medicare coverage will not receive adult day care as a benefit.

Very often, this includes adult day care and transportation assistance to and from the community.

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