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22 22online banner dating personal

My main question is how do I ascertain the 'lifetime value' of a member?

2) - Seats reserved by travel agents ( authorized by the Company) in case were not prepaid, will be kept available till 1 hour before departing time.

Cancellation occurring less than 48 hours before departure time will give no right to any refund.

4) - Any right related to travel contract for passengers, luggage and vehicles become prescribed according to terms indicated in art.4.1.8 and 4.3.8 of Regulation Code of Navigation. 4.1.8 1 Any right related to travel contract for passengers and their luggage not registered will be prescribed after 6 months since arrival date to destination or in case of not arrival since scheduled date of arrival.

The maximum that you spend on acquiring a member is 6.75 x 20% = 1.35 The formula used is Maximum cost = Average revenue x conversion rate x percentage for marketing. Since the cost of retaining existing clients is much less than the cost of recruiting new prospects, it makes sense to concentrate your marketing efforts on existing clients.