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Not dating anymore quotes

When I’m interested in someone and they make plans with me, I set aside time.

If I say I can't go then, instead of making plans for a later date, they will text me again in a couple weeks, to see if I'm available.

That’s why I’m going to stop punching the keypad so much. And I’m going to follow through with those plans and not text my way out of them (hopefully they’ll do the same for me). Saying it is easy – actually doing it is another story.

But what’s scarier to me is that our generation is losing touch – literally.

When it comes to dating someone new, which can be nerve-wracking on its own, texting adds a level of insecurity, allows both parties to flake on plans, backspace their real thoughts and introduces the grey bubble stress we all fear. ” bubbles that pop up on your phone, only to receive a non-descript “sounds good.”) Now I pride myself on being a pretty confident person. How many times have you texted a friend “I’ll try and stop by! Texting him definitely made it easy and less scary on me than giving him a call, but it also made it too easy for him to be wishy washy.