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Worm list not updating

Worms are one of the most ill defined concepts in Network Security.

It did not check if the next host had the IIS Server or not. Once executed, would pick up a file randomly and mail it to the addresses on the users' mailing list. Initiated as an email from FBI mentioning that user has been caught downloading pirated software. When the user opened the attachment, the worm installed itself into many windows directories.

It then disabled firewalls and antivirus on the host and disabled access to assistance websites.

Also deleted Microsoft Documents and C and C source files on the host. VBS attachment in Outlook Mails and mailed itself to all the users on the users' mailing list. Propagated as an attachment in the mail and when file was opened, installed itself on to the host.

It then scanned the drive for and files and randomly selected a file to email the people on the users' contacts list.

Affected IIS servers and defaced websites that it hacked.

Scanned all the hosts in the vicinity of the hosts and propagated itself. Propagated as an attachment in mails and depended upon either buggy HTML engines or user action to execute.

There are some worms, which do not have malicious intent. Section two tabulates all the well known worms so far.

The next section discusses some of the most potent worms.

The paper discusses worms, one of the most potent threats to Network security.

Worms have the unique ability to mimic the approach taken by biological viruses.

It may scan the host and send all the confidential information on the host to the authors.