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No one even touched the issue of sunglasses or gold grills or sagging pants or hoodies inside, so I’m going to have to infer that everyone’s fine with banning these things.

So if you stopped by yesterday, you saw a pretty heated debate both here and on the Twitter (I like adding the word “the” in front of stuff for no reason) about Morehouse’s new dress code.

In summary, some supported it, some didn’t, but pretty much all the disagreement was centered around whether or not men should be allowed to wear women’s clothes on Morehouse’s campus.

It’s fine to judge and look down upon people socio-economically, as long as it doesn’t infringe upon a gay person’s right to wear the new Louboutins (sp).

But what about a straight person’s right to do the same?

There’s something about broad shoulders, a nice suit or regular fitting jeans, maybe some crisp Tims, a few tattoos, those nice cuts along the abs…ok, you get it. It would be insulting to assume that women are somehow naturally better child-rearers than men. Women should no longer expect any show of chivalry, sacrifice, or romance by men to garner their affection. Engagement rings would no longer be purchased by men to propose to women.

If you’re the kind of guy who waxes his eyebrows, you’re out. When the parties agree to enter a marriage, they would exchange watches. Women would no longer be expected to be good cooks or have any household skills.

I know enough gay folk to know that, well, they’re gay.

You can’t pray it away, suppress it, destroy it, or treat it with medicine if you wanted to. And for me to say that they CAN’T or Shouldn’t be with another person of the same sex would be ludicrous to me. But what about the gender role part of that equation?

That would give him a totally false perception of who I am. I’m all about playing the role of a woman and my man being, well, a man, in all the most traditional ways. Nothing makes me feel more butch than feeling like I’m the guy in our union.

And nothing makes me feel more feminine, than being with a man who is just that: a man.

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