Start Sex chats in shower

Sex chats in shower

Dodging your hand that shoots out to grab my ass (it’s way too early for that), I turn on the shower. You keep stealing glances at me in the mirror, staring at my tits as they strain against the sheer fabric of my tank top.

Just as I’m leaning my head back and soaking my hair it occurs to me that I didn’t get a towel. I can’t possibly bargain with you at in the morning. “Honey…you know I love this…but I didn’t plan for it this morning.

I slide the door open to check the towel rack, but there’s nothing there. I didn’t get up early enough for sex in the shower.” You lean in to me and kiss beneath my ear, brushing the wet hair away from my neck, and murmur “I can be quick and you’ll still love it.” I reach for your lips, giving in with a kiss, trapping your tongue with mine as I reach my leg up and brace my foot on the shower bench.

You continue to thrust until you are completely drained, then you slump against my back, both of us breathless and spent.

When we manage to stand up, you wash my hair for me, and we soap each other off.

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